Doorway puppet theatre - do it yourself :)

Finally! :) I've been sewing this theatre for some time now, but the basics you can sew in just four hours. It's taken so long because I kept on thinking of ways to tune it up. There are some advanced stage designs involved :)

The performance starts at 5:00 :) Make yourself comfortable.

Here you can find the clock tutorial and the poster templates.

This is what I used. You might need slightly different materials. It depends on how you will assemble your theatre and which features you would like to have.

- fabric
- ribbons
- buttons
- thread, needle, sewing machine
- string

Approximate sizes:

Adjust the size to the size of your doorway and the size of your kids :)

I assembled the theatre using ribbons and two nails hammered to the door frame. 

To hang the curtains I sewed a band to my theatre's body, I sewed it only in the middle. At the sides I attached the band using buttons to be able to take the curtains down... for washing. How handy :)

Under the stage I sewed a kind of a pocket in which I put a thick cardboard to prevent the stage from hanging down.

On the buttons at the top back of the stage you can hang some decoration.

You might want to stick some elements of your stage design through the elastic bands sewn to the back of the stage.

The lights look lovely - just be very careful while using them!


  1. O mamo! To jest tak pięknie wykonane, że aż nie mogę uwierzyć, że to ręczna robota! Niesamowite! Gratuluję, rownież pomysłu!!!

    1. Płachta główna i zasłonki były szyte na maszynie, dodatki to ręczne dziubanie :) Tym bardziej dziękuję, bo trochę czasu nad tym spędziłam, choć podstawowy teatrzyk można uszyć w pół dnia.


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