An upcycled t-shirt into last-minute napkins for Valentine's day... and so much more

Well, it's not that one would necessary need napkins for Valentine's day but the post title space is not enough to describe all possible applications of an upcycled t-shirt. I wanted to use the heart symbol and therefore made napkins for the whole family. The napkins can turn into bed linen for a doll, a cloth, wrapping fabric and so on. When Mathilda was a little girl (as if she was big now...) she loved to play with cloths - with my glass cleaning cloths to be precise - exercising her imagination in all possible ways. She never gave them back to me.

Why not try it out? Those last-minute napkins & co. are very easy to make.

You need to cut a clean cotton t-shirt into rectangular-square-ish pieces and with a very simple pattern stitch the hearts. At the beginning I left a longer piece of thread to tie it at the end with the remaining end. I then cut the thread but left around 5 mm of it as you can see in the picture. Don't forget to iron the napkins. They will look neat and fresh.

For our other St. Valentine's Day projects look here - scented salt dough, here - a garland and here - a card.


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