Ancient Greece - learning through playing

This post was made for a fellow blogger who is a home educator. I hope that she can use the ideas for teaching her daughter about ancient Greece.

Let's go!

From Dublin to Athen there are 3748 km. If we were to walk this distance it would take us 558 hours, those are 23 days. How long would it take for you to get to Greece?

Print out the MAP of ancient Greece, name the bigger cities and stick the below icons to the map. What do the icons stand for?

Here you can find a colourful Greek GODS word map.

The Greek ARCHITECTURAL orders project: 

OLYMPIC GAMES - I played with Hugo and we ended up bowling. Don't forget the laurel wreath as prize.

Why not preparing a greek MENU and a Greek MEAL?

You can play the Greek THEATRE with the masks using this shadow theatre idea.

Beautiful Greek CRAFTS. Use a used black tea bag to make the paper look old. You can draw the patterns yourself or find some on the internet, print them out and stick to the paper.

This is a link to interactive ancient Greece games that I liked: