Monday, 25 March 2013

Salted Easter eggs

It's been a busy month for Mathilda and her little brother. They were looking for spring, preparing for St. Patrick's Day parade, they went to the parade and the funfair where they met Leopold, they even grew cress. Now they are preparing some Easter decorations. Do you celebrate Easter?

Monday, 11 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day - shamrock stamps

"This is impossible", mum said looking through the window.
"What is impossible?" Mattie asked.
"St. Patrick's Day is in a week and it is snowing heavily outside."
"I like snow. Doesn't Patrick like it?" the girl was surprised, every child loves snow.
Mum smiled, "he probably likes it. What I meant is St. Patrick's Day. We live in Ireland and here people celebrate the Day of St. Patrick. On this day there's a parade. People dress up beautifully and walk or dance on the street. Oh, there are also funfairs with carousels, slides and baloons", mum explained. "Would you like to go?" she asked but she knew what the answer was going to be.
"Yes!" Mathilda screamed.
"If the weather is going to be nice, we'll go and have a great day. Would you like to do some decorations for St. Patrick's Day? We could do some stamping."
"I like stamps and I think I like Patrick Day as well."